“Generations to come, it may well be, will scarce believe that such a man as this one ever in flesh and blood walked upon this Earth.”

– Albert Einstein


Learn the nuances of leadership from the world’s most extraordinary leader, Gandhiji, and appreciate the relationship of one’s divinity and ones leadership

About the fellowship

The Lead Like Gandhi fellowship was formed to enable leaders to uncover the Gandhi in them, embark on a journey of experimenting with their truth, inspired by Gandhiji’s life and leadership. This will empower them to generate a more humane, equitable and ecologically sensitive world.

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The Lead Like Gandhi Fellowship is a one year immersive journey into understanding yourself through Gandhi’s values, actions and leadership. It consists of a 9 day transformational experience + 3 day working session (9 months later) along with monthly connect calls throughout the year.

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Leadership Takeaways

Highlights of the February 2020 Fellowship

Date – 8th to 15th February, 2020

9 senior leaders; 9 magical days; innumerable life-changing journeys

The journey of discovering this Mahatma called Gandhi, diving deep into his life, getting glimpses of this extraordinary man and leader, his steely resolve, his complete devotion to truth, touched all of the fellows who participated in this 9 day experience deeply. As each of them moved through each day, they sensed so much of Gandhi’s love that opened within them too and they realized how this amazing man could make miracles happen and shake the largest empire by having them see their own unfairness whilst evoking their highest selves.

In the end, when each Lead Like Gandhi Fellow finally discovered his/her life’s purpose, it was a magical and sacred moment. To finally know and totally embody what they are here to do in the world, and tie that up with an unfinished business of Gandhiji, and declare it in the courtyard of where Gandhiji lived, was just an incredible experience.


 To say this program is transformational is an understatement. It has the power and energy to shake you inside out, and send you in your journey, emotionally aroused, self-aware, towards accomplishment of your purpose. Today, Lead Like Gandhi is the reason that I’m meeting new people, seeking synergies, designing initiatives, all aligned to the rediscovered purpose of my life. Imagine if a critical mass of beings on this planet were to have gone through this program. What a beautiful world it would be!

Vivek Talwar, Former CSO of TATA Power

Before enrolling into the Lead Like Gandhi Fellowship program, I had no clear direction where I was heading towards though I knew my life’s purpose was to serve the under-privileged in our society. The 9 days course has not just helped me find true purpose of my life but has also enabled me in defining a clear roadmap towards achieving the goal. The experience was truly out of the world and has taught me how relevant Gandhian values and principles are even today and how the same could be applied in our journey of life.

Arvind Sukhija

The experience was life altering for me.

Vivek Talwar
Former Chief People Officer, TATA Power

I found a new vigour and I carry that with me every single day.

Swapnil Chaturvedi
National Program Director, eGovernments Foundation


Vivek Talwar
Vivek TalwarFormer CSO, TATA Power
The purpose of my life is to share the beauty of nature with the world and to ensure the transformation of the planet and it’s people.
Foram Nagori
Foram NagoriHead of CSR & Social Development Specialist, TATA Power
I envision a world full of harmony and peace. The purpose of my life is to build bridges which enable people to serve humanity, leaving behind none and making everyone flower into beautiful Beings.
Madan Padaki
Madan PadakiCo-Founder of 1Bridge & Managing Trustee of HHH
Purpose of my life is to serve the Supreme, by empowering every individual to unleash their infinite possibility, construct a world full of oneness and abundance.
Fiona Macintyre
Fiona MacintyreFounder and impact architect of Forming Impact
The purpose of my life is to empower people to connect with their inner Being, to overcome all adversity and to live a life of love.
Swapnil Chaturvedi
Swapnil ChaturvediNational Program Director, eGovernments Foundation
The purpose of my life is to bring joy to all by helping build a world in which all Beings live in deep interconnectedness with one another.
Abhishek Nigam
Abhishek NigamHead of Business Development, Rallis India Ltd.
The purpose of my life is to serve truth and create an environment where everybody is free to persevere and all diverse opinions are respected so that we can build a more harmonious world.

Why do we need leaders like Gandhi today?

Paul Polman
Co-Founder of Imagine &
Former CEO Unilever

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The leitmotif of Gandhiji’s message really is: that morality and selflessness must guide our actions and, if we are able to steadfastly stay the course in this respect, success will come.

Rakesh Sharma,