About the fellowship

The Lead Like Gandhi fellowship was formed to enable leaders to uncover the Gandhi in them, embark on a journey of experimenting with their truth, inspired by Gandhiji’s life and leadership. This will empower them to generate a more humane, equitable and ecologically sensitive world.


The Lead Like Gandhi Fellowship is a one year immersive journey into understanding yourself through Gandhi’s values, actions and leadership. Senior leaders from across the world will derive knowledge, inspiration and the tools to affect personal, organisational and global change. The Lead Like Gandhi Fellows will inquire deeply into themselves, discover their own sacredness, and create magical outcomes for the world.

This program is for senior leaders from businesses, charities, institutions and government who


Have a deep desire for positive change in their sphere of influence or the wider world


Intend to imbibe Gandhiji’s values and leadership, his way of being


Are not satisfied with the status quo and seek another way of living, working and leading


Transformation and Seva

Deeply inspired by Gandhiji’s own leadership and life.
Here are a few key takeaways from this fellowship.

Transformation – becoming zero or near zero ego, cleaning the past, transforming all close relationships, discovering one’s Life purpose, and putting this into action.

Experiential learning of Gandhiji as an extraordinary human being and a leader. Hands-on working with the community on the ground, to truly get “seva” or true service, and empathy for one’s fellow beings.

A deeper understanding of Gandhiji’s life and work, that will generate one’s own version of a Gandhian way of being. An opportunity to take on Gandhiji’s unfinished business that resonates and make it a reality.

Life Purpose and Leadership

Gandhi Sandals