The contribution every Fellow makes is to Head Held High Foundation, a non-profit that is in action in accordance to Gandhiji’s principles – to help eradicate poverty in the world. Your contribution covers the program activities, accommodation, materials, local travel and food (Travel to Fellowship venue is not covered). The stay is a comfortable one, either at a Heritage hotel or at a 5 star hotel.

Your contribution is voluntary and has been categorised based on the sector you are involved in and the size of the organisation.

Recommended Contributions

NGO / Charities / Government Organisations
5000 – 8000 USD (INR 3.5 – 6L)

Medium Sized Companies (USD 10 – 200 million in Revenues)
12000 – 15000 USD (INR 8.5 – 10.5L)

Large Sized Companies (USD 200million > in Revenues)
18000 – 20000 USD (INR 12.5 – 14L)

We truly appreciate your participation and engagement in this Fellowship.