Application and Selection Process

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Nomination Criteria

The criteria which is to be applied in endorsing someone’s nomination are the following:

  1. The person must be a CXO of any organisation – corporate, non-profit, government, institutional.
  2. The person must wish to imbibe some of Gandhiji’s values and his spirit in them, to learn deeply about Gandhiji, as a leader and as an extraordinary human.
  3. The person must be dis-satisfied with the status quo, and has a desire to effect change in the world, and is willing to act on it

Nomination Process

The current steps to nominate someone are as follows (which will be modified, once the website has an online application process):

  1. First, see if the criteria for nomination, as stated above, are fulfilled.
  2. Ensure that the applicant is aware of the time commitment, and objective of the Fellowship.
  3. Share the Lead Like Gandhi Information brochure & Expression of Interest with the person. Ask them to complete the form, and make the video, share it on whatsapp.
  4. You will send that video to us, and we will forward it to the Admissions Committee.

Please join us in a strong intention of success for the Fellows who complete this program, and for them to be the Global Satyagrahis, who we believe can be powerful Change Agents in the world.